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Whomever it may concern, I've been getting my haircut at sportsclips once a month for about a year now. Typically the wait isn't too long, unless I'm waiting for my preferred stylist, Courtney of the Hermitage Location. Sometimes I'll be behind a few people waiting on her. But you can't rush quality. Last week while preparing for a flight to California where I was going to be in the public eye. I stopped at Sports Clips before my flight as usual, however this was Courtney's day off. My flight was the following morning and I couldn't put off the haircut to wait for her. I signed in on the tablet at the counter and got paired up with I believe a Danielle. As usual I got a triple MVP. (Side Note: I am a man with longer curly hair. and a full undercut. I am 16 months into growing it and had it down to my shoulders.) Danielle had never cut my hair before and I wasn't used to explaining how I needed it since I had been seeing Courtney for so long. When she asked how I wanted it, I replied "I'm not sure, Courtney just kinda knows, are there notes?) She said well Courtney isn't here and I need to know what you want done.I told her rock a fade in on the sides, which were at about half inch in length atm, and to just cut about a centimeter off the top for the split ends. THIS WOMAN TOOK 3+ INCHES OFF MY HAIR! I almost couldn't bun it up after. My kallick in the back was left untouched, and therefore stuck up and looked pretty bad. I asked about this at the end, and was told "Courtney has been cutting that.. you should ask her to stop, it's your kallick, I left it alone. Courtney usually cut it because i asked her too, not that this new stylist bother asking. To Summarize, I was in and out on a triple MVP in about 10-15 minutes Which is a new record for me. Now i know the turnaround times are suppose to be fast, but I don't have a buzz cut, I require a Fade, and scissoring on top, and usually get a design cut into the side of my fade. Anyone who has been to sports clips knows this time is unreasonable for a decent haircut. I got way more cut from my length than I asked for. I was told the other stylist had been cutting my hair wrong, and grow it out differently, which after asking a few people was told the kallick looks bad and should be cut. My fade was left too long, and not faded well enough. Immediately after my haircut, the Stylist was walking out toward Wal-Mart, likely on a break, which leads me to believe she rushed my haircut to get to said break. Sorry Sports Clips, It's been a good visiting and receiving my haircuts here, but after an experience like this, it's unlikely I'll go back.

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Douglas K. | September 5, 2018 Haircut

"Whomever it may concern, I've been getting my haircut at sportsclips once a month for about a year "